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Services Overview

Intermodal provides business process outsourcing and executive services to companies that desire to rapidly get established or expand in US markets without the usual investment required in a startup situation. Services include, but are not limited to finance, accounting, risk management, payroll and benefits and executive leadership. By capitalizing on its core technological and administrative competencies and leveraging related operating companies’ expertise, Intermodal is in a unique position to provide bundled solutions for startup or rapidly growing organizations.

Intermodal systems are flexible to handle various sized companies in differing industries. Intermodal can help establish accounting, banking and legal relationships, including registration with governmental regulating and taxing authorities. Customers can rely on Intermodal to cover a wide range of responsibilities including:

Backroom and Administrative Services:

  • Provide personalized service to stakeholders including its customers, management, sales force and shareholders.
  • Work closely with third party logistic providers to ensure seamless order entry and inventory management service.
  • Invoice shipments within agreed upon time parameters and issue credits in accordance with return policy.
  • Collect and remit sales tax to the respective taxing authorities.
  • Apply cash to open invoices according to information supplied by the remitting customer.
  • Perform collection services in accordance to credit policy.
  • Mail monthly statements to customers with open account balances.
  • Provide monthly basic management reports including cash, receivables and general ledger management.
  • Daily and weekly sales reporting.
  • Inventory planning and sales forecasting subject to management’s needs.
  • Close general ledger monthly and make journal entries as needed for accruals and other estimates.
  • Maintain subsidiary ledgers including accounts receivable, payable, inventory and fixed assets.
  • Prepare payroll and maintain master files for employees.
  • Prepare federal and state payroll returns/forms and remit payroll taxes to authorities on behalf of the Company.
  • Prepare and remit employee payroll deductions to the respective benefit administrator.
  • Prepare and transmit to management commission figures.
  • Validate and transmit to management employee expense reports on a monthly basis.
  • Provide electronic time keeping which is integrated into payroll, allowing on-line supervisory review and approval.

Consulting services:

  • Develop and document Company policies and operating procedures.
  • Manage transfer pricing study development and monitor compliance.
  • Registration with federal, state and local authorities.
  • Establishing and maintaining banking relationships including cash management, credit card and financing.
  • Negotiation of leases and other contracts.
  • Provide professional guidance and support including IT project management, insurance, employee benefits, legal, tax and audit.
  • Other executive, management or clerical services as deemed necessary by management.

Related Operating Companies:

  • Metro Park Warehouses, Inc. - Public warehousing, licensed wholesale pharmaceutical distributor and registered as an initial importer with the FDA.
  • Action Delivery, Inc. - Expedited regional delivery and courier service.
  • Accord Services, Inc. – LTL contract carrier services using independent contractors.
  • Success Logistics, Inc. - Dedicated contract carrier flatbed services to customers.
  • Success NationaLease - Full service truck leasing and rental services.

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