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Historical Background and Corporate Purpose:

Intermodal is a closely held, entrepreneurial style company based in Kansas City, Kansas. From humble beginnings the organization successfully grew to serve customers ranging from “mom and pop” organizations to Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States. Intermodal’s management has proven expertise solving real-world issues faced by growing companies.

Intermodal Marketing, Inc. was incorporated in December 1980 as the management company to provide executive direction and backroom services to operating companies involved in third-party logistics and transportation.

Intermodal’s business purpose was to obtain scale of efficiencies to provide insurance, employee benefits and financing at a reduced cost to the operating companies. Intermodal is also responsible to provide routine financial and accounting services, including payroll, so that operating managers can spend more of their time meeting customer expectations.

Intermodal expanded their shared services business model scope to include the general business community in 2004. By capitalizing on Intermodal’s core competencies and leveraging warehousing and logistics expertise of operating companies, Intermodal is able to provide bundled business process outsourcing solutions for startup organizations. Our goal is to improve our client’s competitiveness within their specific markets by lowering non-value added costs, increase reliability and timeliness of management information and free up resources to be spent on market development initiatives.

Case Study #1:

In 2004, an overseas life science manufacturer faced a dilemma which potentially could have blocked its access to the US market. A distributor dropped the manufacturer’s product line leaving them without a presence in the United States. Intermodal provided backroom services and expertise that allow this client to invoice its first US sales within 30 days.

Intermodal initially provided consulting services to establish accounting, banking and legal relationships. In addition, a post office box was established and the client was registered with various governmental authorities including the required taxpayer identification numbers. A limited suite of backroom services was agreed upon which included:

  • Invoicing shipments
  • Application of cash to open invoices
  • Mail monthly statements to customers having open account balances
  • Maintain the accounts receivable subsidiary ledger
  • Provide monthly basic management reports including:
    • Receivables Management
    • Sales Order Processing
    • Sales report by sales person
    • General Ledger
  • Reconciliation of cash remitted to the bank statement

By 2006, the client added employees and office space while expanding its outsourced services to include payroll, inventory and general ledger. Intermodal negotiated lease agreements and coordinated preparation of a Transfer Pricing Study which is required for the Internal Revenue Service.

Case Study #2:

In 2008, a European manufacturer of medical equipment wanted an alternative to the master distributor business model used to sell its product in the United States. Deep distributor discounts eroded margins and the client desired more control over its product’s marketing. After careful consideration, this publicly traded corporation selected Intermodal marketing to handle its US business processes and distribution. Working closely with the client’s executives, Intermodal accomplished the transition within the required 60 days. Customized policies and procedures were developed addressing specific client needs including a complex commission structure for a growing independent sales force and unique sales reporting tools. Intermodal was able to help expand the client’s US government sales by preparing and submitting the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) and Online Representation and Certifications Application (ORCA).

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