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Welcome to Intermodal Marketing

We are an innovative outsource provider of integrated business process, inventory management, distribution and logistics solutions to small and mid-size companies. Intermodal’s management expertise and cross-functional team leadership can help your company rapidly deploy or expand in the US market. We specialize in and have a proven track record dealing head on and overcoming difficult issues faced by a variety of startup firms including overseas life science companies.

At Intermodal, our mission is to ensure our clients’ success by offering comprehensive and scalable business outsourcing solutions and executive services that control costs and streamline operations as their business grows.

By choosing Intermodal as your company’s outsourcing service provider, you can focus attention and resources on core business development initiatives such as marketing strategy, sales force management and investor relations.

Intermodal’s long-term professional relationships with third-party logistics, legal, banking, insurance and tax accounting partners can provide clients quick operational functionality and regulatory compliance. Clients find our collaboration is based on trust and mutual respect, reflecting their own corporate philosophy and long-term business strategy. Through our association, clients access a broad scope of expertise providing business value beyond process improvement and cost reduction.

We look forward to opening a dialog with you on how Intermodal can help your company by outsourcing non-value added business processes and securing executive level services.

Please contact us at 913-321-1717 or

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