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Now that all is closed and done and the acquisition of Optonol by Alcon is completed, I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation and thank you and all the Intermodal Group on the great job and for your dedication over the recent years. Optonol enjoyed the excellent and professional performance conducted by you and your team, assisting us to develop the business in the US, up to a level where even Alcon expressed its interest to acquire the company and integrate the Ex-PRESS shunt into its ophthalmic business. We at Optonol are very proud of this development and would like to thank you and your colleagues who were part of this achievement.

Intermodal was the frontline for the development of the US infrastructure of sales for our unique product and you provided us with all the services required to be successful. We enjoyed the very professional attention and quality services including among other things: logistics, accounting, payroll, tax, treasury, insurance, collection, vendor payments and other services.

I would like to point out your full dedication to our needs, even though, the company was relatively small to the scope of services you provide to others.

I wish you and your team great success with your wonderful business and hope we will have the opportunity to enjoy your services again further on.

Thanks again,
Dan Gazit, CFO
Optonol Ltd.


Anna Busenbark has been the key link in our business relationship. 

  • She has provided Optonol critical data on both sales and compensation with lightening quick response time.
  • Her ability to receive requests and produce tangible and useful data has been critical to our success.
  • Anna personally has been a delight to work with and has provide insights to my management team which have helped us stay on top of our business and have relieved us of many hours of work.
  • Anna had close interactions with my key administrator, Melinda Plagge. Together they managed our office and T & E expenses correctly and in a timely fashion.
  • Additionally, they managed over 40 rep consignment inventories and over 30 customer consignment inventories.

      Best Wishes.
      Patrick King
      Optonol, Inc


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